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Firewall setting for connection with Azure Synapse.

This is regarding Denodo Connectivity with Azure Synapse : 1. I wanted to know if we have User Login and Password available for Azure Synapse storage. Do we still need to whitelist Firewall IP connections ? 2. And if we don't have User Login and Password available for Azure Synapse storage then which Firewall IP we need to whitelist ? And what are the steps to do it? Do we need a separate Azure Service Account or Separate Azure Synapse storage for specific users in same account ? And if IP is listed then what would be the way to connect to Azure Synapse storage and create base views from there?
09-09-2022 06:13:18 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, To connect to Azure Synapse through Denodo, you will need to ensure that the connectivity to port 1433 is open and not blocked by the firewall. Regarding the configuration itself, this can be found on Microsoft's Documentation on [**Synapse Analytics**]( This documentation also has valuable information on the IP firewall rules. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-09-2022 11:07:28 -0400
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