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Issue with limit on the query using JDBC driver vs denodo

There is an issue with putting limits on the query through the JDBC version. using select * from <table> limit 200 does not work. It is like the JDBC doesn't parse the limit constraint to the VQL.
22-03-2017 05:59:49 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I tried running the query with ‘limit’ keyword on VQL shell in Virtual DataPort Admin tool with MySQL and Oracle Data source as well as by connecting to Virtual DataPort server using DBVisualizer as client tool through JDBC connection with the latest version of Denodo Express Platform. I could see that the query with ‘limit’ keyword is parsed successfully through JDBC driver and was able to get the required results. I would recommend you to set value ‘0’ for Max Rows if you are using DBVisualizer as client tool for JDBC driver to parse the ‘limit’ keyword to return the specified number of rows as this would avoid adding context clause ‘context ('_querylimit' = '<Max_Rows value in DBVisualizer>') while sending the query to Virtual DataPort server. I hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
27-03-2017 09:06:13 -0400
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