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Top-down update

![Question]( I have understood that the bottom-up update (narrow black arrows in the picture) takes place in real time, but it is not so clear if the top-down update (fat red arrows in the picture) is possible, and, if this is the case, how? i.e. if an external application needs to change data in the VDP, does this change also occur in the relative data source? How this change occours (with a/any stored procedures; triggers; other)?
23-09-2019 05:31:40 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In the Denodo Platform, I was able to write back the Virtual DataPort views to the underlying source table, provided the views are updateable and created over the RDBMS data sources that are connected using JDBC drivers. In order to perform the insert/update/delete operations, you could perform the following: 1. In the “Options” tab of a base view, click on the “Search methods” tab. 1. Click on the “wrapper source configuration” link and check if you have the “Allow insert” and “Allow update” configuration set to “Yes”. For more information, you can refer to the section [“Inserts, Updates and Deletes Over Views“]( and ["Wrapper Configuration Properties"]( under the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-09-2019 08:19:56 -0400
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