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Is it possible to track a database over a certain period of time with DENODO?

We wonder if it is possible to track a database over a given period of time, using any specific DENODO functionality, for performance analysis and operational statistics purposes.

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Hi, There is an ambiguity in your question, it is not clear if you are referring to Virtual DataBases in Denodo Platform or the DataBases that Denodo connects to. Please find below the responses for both the cases 1. Denodo has a component called as Denodo Monitor that logs information about Denodo Servers. The Denodo Monitor runs indefinitely and it gathers information about these Servers periodically and logs it into tab-separated values files. 2. Denodo Monitor monitors Virtual DataPort, ITPilot Browser Pool, ITPilot Verification server, Scheduler and Scheduler Index. 3. **Its functionality does not stop with monitoring a single Virtual DataBase and it also cannot monitor external Databases that Denodo connects to. ** 4. Please refer to [Denodo Monitor]( section of User Manual for more information.
Denodo Team
05-06-2023 08:01:28 -0400
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