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What should be the role in Denodo VDP to be able to 1. Create a tag 2. Alter tag to assign/remove a view from tag

Hi, We are trying to automate and restrict user to add a remove a tag from the view. What are the roles required for teh uesr to be able to do that. WE want to avoid admin role access.
27-03-2024 07:46:47 -0400

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Hi, According to the [Global Security Polices]( section of the Administration Guide: > * You need the role manage_tags to create tags, change their description and remove them. If the tag is assigned to a view or a global policy, you also need certain privileges over said element. > * The privileges required to assign and unassign a tag to a view or to a column of a view are: > * The user is an administrator of the database of the view. > * Or, the user has the role assign_tags and the privilege “METADATA� over the view. > These rules apply even if the user is the owner of the view. That is, the owner of the view may be able to create and modify a view but may not be allowed to modify the tags of said view. > * When removing a tag that is used in a global policy, the global policy is deleted as well so you need the necessary privileges to do that as well. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-03-2024 12:35:22 -0400
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