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Hello Team, May i know what are differences in features avaiable between a client app connecting Denodo via connecting with RESTful Web Service in terms of selction/filtering/authentication etc? Thanks
12-07-2021 05:51:48 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In general, ODBC will connect to a database using a driver to make the connection. For learning more information about the ODBC connection, I would look at the section[ ODBC sources]( in the Virtual Dataport Administration Guide. RESTful services will involve using the URL to get specific information since it is an API. For information about [RESTful web services](, I would refer to the RESTful Web Service section in the Virtual Dataport Administration Guide. For clarification on formats, please refer to the [Representations]( section of VDP Admin Guide. There is also a section called [Advanced Querying]( which discusses filtering with RESTful web services more in depth which would be helpful. Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
12-07-2021 16:39:12 -0400
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