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Sharepoint Online

Can I upload the files to Sharepoint Online using the denodo
20-11-2017 17:41:39 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In order to upload a file to the SharePoint online using Denodo Platform, I would do the following steps: 1. Create a network drive for the SharePoint online in the Windows, in order to access the SharePoint online as a shared folder. 1. Using Scheduler Administration tool, create a new job of type VDP and pointing it to the VDP data source. 1. In the Extraction section, provide a query to retrieve the view from Virtual DataPort. 1. In the Exporters section, create a new exporter as 'CSV' and set the "Output file" value as the destination folder of newly created network drive in order to export the results of the job execution. 1. Save and execute the job. By doing the above the steps, the view exported a 'CSV' file to the SharePoint online network drive. For more information, you can have a look at the section [General Structure of a Job]( of Scheduler Administration guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
21-11-2017 05:30:31 -0500
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