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Creating materialized tables in Snowflake

Hello. I have an online data source from which I extract data in Denodo. The data source has lots of rows of data corresponding to many months in the past. I want to retrive, every month, the data related to the month just ended and use it to create a business view in Denodo. For instance, at the beginning of October I want to retrieve the data for the month of September and use this data to create a business view containing data related to the month of September. In addition, I want to, using Denodo ,materialize the September data in a table in Snowflake. In November I want to retrieve the data related to the month of October and propagate it to the business view mentioned in the prevous paragraph. The business view will thus contain only October data. And I want to, using Denodo, add the October data to the materialized table in Snowflake mentioned in the previous paragraph. The materialized table in Snowflake will thus have September and October data. And I want to repeat this process every month so that the business view in Denodo contains only data related to the most recently ended month and the materialized view in Snowflake will have historical data for the most recently ended month AND for ALL prededing months. Is there a way to do this in Denodo? Thank you.
04-10-2023 15:39:47 -0400

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Hi In Denodo Platform, Virtual Dataport Server supports Date processing functions while creating derived views. Derived views also support a Where clause where you can define your condition using those date processing functions, that way, your derived view will only retrieve data based on the filter condition. The ADDMONTH function could be useful here. This function takes two arguments as input: first the starting date and second the number of months you want to add to this date. For your example, the syntax will be as follows : ADDMONTH(CURRENT_DATE, -1) which will return the date of the previous month, thus allowing you to process only data from the previous month. You can also refer to the section [Date Processing Functions]( for more details. For loading the data in the Snowflake database, you could use [Materialized Tables]( or [Remote Tables]( Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
05-10-2023 08:34:51 -0400
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