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Use a jdbc drive in custom handler.

In a custom handler, I am trying to conenct to a SQL Azure database using jdbc to log some schedule job run information (such as a start time). The custom handler failed with the folloiwng error: No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver://{SQL Azure host address}:1433;database={databasename}. I am using Denodo Express 8. Any suggestion how do I overcome this issue? Thanks.
29-12-2020 09:36:06 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, A custom handler is a normal jar file, I would import the JDBC library(e.g. import java.sql.*) and then use the driver on the classpath to make a connection to the external database. For more information, please refer to the [Scheduler API Javadoc]( or the example for creating a handler in <DENODO_HOME>/samples/scheduler/handler-api. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-12-2020 17:43:47 -0500
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