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GIT Integration: VCS management: VDP

Hi, We have installed denodo 8 in our server and accessing the design studio as clients (through url). But we are unable to connect to the VDP admin tool from the client machines with the following error: Connection Error: *Check the hostname and port number are correct, and the client and server belong to the same denodo major version. Connection timed out* We have installed VDP admin tool in the client machines to access the vcs management required to configure GIT. Is this the case of version mismatch as we could not find a version for the vdp admin tool matching the denodo platform in the installer section. Is there a workaround and/or how can we connect to the vdp admin tool from the client machine. Note: the host name and port are correct. Thanks
14-10-2021 04:19:24 -0400

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Hello, I would test the connection from the client machine to the server by opening a terminal in the client and executing the command: telnet <server> <port> where <server> is the server where the Virtual DataPort server is running and <port> is the server port, 9999 by default. You can find the default ports in the [User Manual]( If that doesn't solve the issue, I would check the admin tool's logs which can be found in the client at <DenodoHome>\logs\vdp-admin. This could give you more information about why the connection is timing out. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-10-2021 15:59:00 -0400
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