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Connecting Denodo to AWS Athena or AWS DynamoDB

Hi, Has anyone be able to connect to AWS Athena or AWS DynamoDB? There is already a question about connecting to Athena, but it is from May 2017. I am open to using third party drivers (CData, Simba etc.) if generic drivers will not work. Thanks!
14-03-2018 11:23:41 -0400

3 Answers

Hi I would access data from Amazon S3 by following the steps provided in the Knowledge Base Article [How to integrate Amazon S3 with the Denodo Platform]( to integrate Amazon S3 with the Denodo Platform?category=Data+Sources). The future versions of Denodo Platform would include the feature to connect AWS Athena and AWS DynamoDB. Hope this helps
Denodo Team
19-03-2018 08:10:25 -0400
It is possible to connect to DynamoDB with these three approaches: 1. Using JDBC Driver for DynamoDB from CDATA or Simba 2. Using DynamoDB low level APIs to access DynamoDB, both for read as well as update 3. Using the DynamoDB SDK to develop custom driver. Approach#2, using DynamoDb API is very versatile and performant/ The performance is even better than the JDBC driver, in most use cases.
26-03-2021 19:12:59 -0400
Hi, As Amazon DynamoDB is a web service that uses HTTP and HTTPS they can be accessed from Denodo using two options, * Using the REST([JSON]( connector * Using a [custom wrapper]( leveraging DynamoDB's Java API Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-04-2021 06:34:55 -0400
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