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unable to create base view from query for a jdbc datasource query : desc wrapper jdbc view_name_here error : Unable to create base view: Syntax error: Exception parsing query near '= same query works fine in vql shell. [Denodo VDP 5.5]
19-03-2018 02:27:24 -0400

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Hi, If I would like to create a Base view in Virtual DataPort, I would use any one of the following options, * Create Selected, which allows you to create a Base view graphically. * Create from Query, in which you need to provide the SQL query to create a base view from the underlying Data source. For example, `Select * from <view_name>;` The "desc wrapper jdbc <view_name_here>" is a DESCRIPTION command used to describe the JDBC Wrapper that was used to create a Base view. This will give the description about existing Base View wrappers. For more information, you could refer the [Creating Base Views from SQL Queries]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
19-03-2018 08:23:56 -0400
Hi Team, I have successfuly created database, datasource, view as base view from query. Referenced from But, this wrapper query doesn't works Please help. Thanks
20-03-2018 03:10:31 -0400
Hi, The **DESC** commands are designed to be executed from the VQL shell. The "desc wrapper jdbc <view_name_here>" is working as expected. The purpose of this command is to get a detailed description about a JDBC wrapper used to create a Base view. In the <view_name_here>, you have to provide the name of an existing Base view and execute it in the VQL shell. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
04-04-2018 05:27:50 -0400
Hi Team, Yes, it works fine in VQL shell. But can a base view, by choosing base view from query, be created for it. Thanks.
04-04-2018 05:32:34 -0400
Hi, In Virtual DataPort, you could create a JDBC Data source to connect to the Denodo Virtual DataPort by choosing the "Denodo Virtual DataPort 6.0" as Database adapter. This would allow you to create base views over DESC commands by choosing "create from query" option. But, you will not be able to retrieve the output of these base views created over the DESC commands when you execute as they are designed to provide the description of elements. Hence, you will not be able to execute a "SELECT * FROM" statement, which will results you with the following error, `Received exception with message 'Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'desc''` Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
12-04-2018 07:44:47 -0400
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