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MIT Kerberos

Hi Team, Could you please hels us in providing the steps to Uninstall/reinstall of MIT Kerberos in Dendod Server. Kindly provide your suggetion ASAP
22-03-2018 23:48:14 -0400

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Hi, There's not much to actually "uninstall" on the Denodo side as far as the Kerberos configuration is concerned. To revert your Virtual DataPort Server to use native authentication, there are three things to look at; 1. From the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool, go to **Administration** > **Server configuration** and uncheck "Use Kerberos" on the **Kerberos configuration** tab. 2. On each Administrtion Tool client, got o **Tools** > **Admin Tool preferences** and change the setting on the **Authentication** tab back from "Kerberos authentication" to "Standard authentication." 3. If you use ODBC authentication, go to **Administration** > **Database management** and edit each database to deselect the option *Use Kerberos for ODBC/ authentication*. Any ODBC clients would need to be reconfigured to use native authentication if they needed to use Denodo before you reconfigured for Kerberos again. If you want to go beyond that, you could remove the Kerberos authentication JVM options on the Virtual DataPort Server Control Panel (see below) and remove the JCE policy files from *[DENODO_HOME]/jre/lib/security/*. On the Kerberos side, you could consider deleting the *denodo_server* user from your Active Directory and discarding any keytab files you've created to fully "remove" your Denodo configuration from Kerberos. ``` ``` As for "reinstalling" the configuration, there are a lot of options involved depending on your specific intended setup. (Whether Denodo is running on Windows or Linux, if Windows is on a Domain, whether you want to use single-sign on, which Denodo modules you want to use Kerberos authentication for, and so on.) I would suggest looking at the overview document [Setting Up Kerberos Authentication]( and its associated child pages, and then using the Administration Guide sections on [Kerberos Authentication]( for detailed steps to guide you through the process. You may also need the Appendix references on [Using Kerberos Authentication in Virtual DataPort without Joining a Kerberos Realm]( and [Providing a KRB5 File for Kerberos Authentication]( if they are appropriate for your environment. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-03-2018 11:42:22 -0400
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