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View Parameters disable

Hi! Im trying to do the DEN60EDU118 LAB01. In some point it ask us to use view parametes botton. When im trying to do it, the botton is disable it says: "This feature is not allloed by the licence"! I use de lincense provide by the express instalation, that is free to download can anybody help me on this, otherwise i can't finish the lab. Thanks!
28-03-2018 05:48:01 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, The issue you are facing is due to the limitation in the Denodo Express License. When you use express License then there is a limitation that you cannot set view parameters in a derived view. For more information refer the user manual [Limitations of the Denodo Express License]( I would recommend you to use the Full Denodo License to overcome these limitations. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
28-03-2018 07:25:34 -0400
But this limitations shouldn't exist if im paying for the Course. In this perticular LAB we need set a view parameters. I can't do it. We should have a diferente licence for 30 days.
28-03-2018 12:28:36 -0400
Hi, In order to create the view "dv_product_by_category_simple" view in the lab exercise, view parameter is not required. You will need to project the Base view input parameter ‘parameter.categoryname’ to convert it in a simple field and rename it as ‘input’. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
05-04-2018 08:21:54 -0400
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