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How to handle branching in Denodo

When looking at Git as a potential VCS repository for development in Denodo, how exactly do we handle branching, e.g. when implementing the [Gitflow Workflow]( This requires several branches of which some can be mapped to an environment (e.g. *develop* branch to the development server and *master* to the production server). This poses no problem as you can define a custom branch in the Denodo server's VCS configuration. However, when using the *feature* or the *release* branches, you'll have branches which exist for a period of time, until they are merged back into the another branch (e.g. *develop* or *master*). I'm aware that you can define a different branch for a single database, but when you have several developers working in a shared environment with serveral databases (with inter-database dependencies), this is not ideal (unless you have a full-fledged environment for each developer individually, as described [here]( The issue is when switching branches (either for the whole repository or a single database), Denodo will show the warning *This database will no longer be synchronized to a VCS repository*. How do we deal with that? After confirming the warning and issueing a *pull*, Denodo will still show an orange indicator.
10-04-2018 06:23:02 -0400

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Hi, The warning message "his database will no longer be synchronized to a VCS repository." appears because you have configured that particular data base to a particular branch. So when you perform a switch Denodo alerts you that the data base is no longer in sync with the branch it was initially configured with. The orange indicator states that there are some elements that need to be pushed to the repository. It means that there are commits that need to push. You can resolve that by doing a push operation. To know more about VCS operations refer to the section ["VCS Operations for GIT"]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
24-04-2018 05:10:06 -0400
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