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Denodo Training - Derived Views

Hello, I am taking the Denodo Training and i am stuck creating a derived view. Data Virtualization Developer Introduction - DEN60EDU0118LAB01 I do not understand how to convert parameters into a simple field.
16-04-2018 17:54:30 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I’d recommend the following steps: * Click on the base view *bv_product_by_category*, right-click on it and then select New → Selection. * In the new tab of your VDP Admin go to the *Output* tab and right-click on the parameters field and select *Project subfields of*. This operation transforms your compound field into a simple field, i.e. instead of a register as an output you get a simple field * After this, remove the *parameters* field by clicking the checkbox left to it and clicking “Remove Selected” on the bottom-right corner For a better understanding of compound values I recommend you to read [User Manuals / Virtual DataPort VQL Guide / Advanced Characteristics / Management of Compound Values]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-04-2018 10:37:57 -0400
Thank you! This fixed my issue.
 Edited on: 08-09-2021 23:16:13 -0400
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