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ITPilot extractor table multiple levels

Hi! I am using denodo platform 6.0 and itPilot so as to extract data from web. I would like to know if we can extract data from multilevel table row. I have 2 levels and I would like to join data from parent row and children row, for example: I have a list of products with N detail products represented in a multi level table row. How Can I extract it with ITPilot? Thanks!
30-04-2018 04:29:35 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The ITPilot module in Denodo Platform supports Nested level extraction of Data. If you want the multi-level data to belong to the same level, the data should be "Flattened". A "Level Flattening" option is provided in which you need to choose "Flatten level" to obtain the desired result. For more information, refer the [Nested Levels in the Component Structure]( section of ITPilot Generation Environment Guide. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
03-05-2018 04:54:44 -0400
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