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Edit View Parameters dialog panel stuck on screen.

Denodo Virtual DataPort Version 6.0 No installed updates I am taking paid training and can't add view parameters to a "Edit View Parameters..." screen. I press OK, Cancel or Add new parameter and I can't get out of the dialog. In this case I am using DEN60EDU0124VID01 - Aggregation I am assuming this installation needs a patch. Will you help please? DEN60EDU0124VID01 - Aggregation with LAB create DV_EMPLOYEE_SALES aggregation view George Vander Veer
16-05-2018 12:12:06 -0400

1 Answer

Hello! What type of license are you using for the training? If you are using a Denodo Express license, some restrictions are applied. One of them is the usage of view parameters, which is not available for Denodo Express installations. Either way, view parameters are not required for any of the labs and alternative approaches are outlined in the lab descriptions. So I would recommend to close out that VDP Administration tool and continue your development in a new one. Best of luck to you in your training!
Denodo Team
16-05-2018 21:57:33 -0400
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