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Denodo workday connection - Pagination

Hi team, i have imported workday SOAP Web Service using an XML data source in denodo. The web service has multiple pages. But base view is giving data from only 1st page by default. I need to get all the web pages in single request. I could find pagination tab in denodo 7.0 version. But it is disabled when I choose HTTP POST method. Pagination tab is enabled only when GET method is selected. Should we use only GET method if we need to use pagination? Is there any other way in denodo to do pagination while using POST method?
05-06-2018 10:15:18 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, We do not have pagination enabled on POST methods currently in Denodo Platform 7.0 as you noted. One of the main reasons is because POST is not typically used to return datasets in general. So if pagination is enabled and being necessary, the GET method is the method to use. I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-06-2018 14:43:30 -0400
Hi, Can we expect this feature to be added in denodo soon to support pagination in POST methods.
11-06-2020 15:52:54 -0400
Hi, There’s an enhancement request to add support for what you describe that’s currently being considered for a future update of the Denodo Platform. The enhancement would support pagination in POST methods while using JSON/XML data sources. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-06-2020 00:31:12 -0400
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