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I want to explore and want to know how data fabric available in Denodo 7 is going to help users. We are relying mostly on snowflake as data source to fetch large amount of data, and hundreds of views are created on top of this source and other source system. I want to know how data fabric part of Denodo 7 is going to play crucial role on dealing with large amount of data coming from snowflake and other source systems such as oracle, excel etc ?
13-06-2018 05:06:45 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo 7.0 new Features, such as [Data Catalog](, [Massive Parallel Processing](, or enhanced [Cost-Based Optimization]( of queries and automated lifecycle management using the [Denodo Solution Manager](, improve the Denodo usage as a tool for data fabric. I’d recommend to read [Denodo 7.0 - What’s New?]( where more information is provided about the new features included in Denodo 7.0. You can take a look at the [Data Sources]( section of the VDP Administration Guide for getting more information about the different data sources Denodo can connect to. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-07-2018 08:34:39 -0400
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