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host name issue while installing Denodo 7.0

Hi Team, I have succefully installed Denodo Solution manager as per provided Lincece Key file . But I am facing issue while configuring Lincence for Denodo7.0 . Denodo Solution Manager works on below IP Address : Port : 10091 ( For Lincence Manager Server ) In Denodo Platform 7.0 if I provide the same information then it is not working it is throwing error as "REMOTE LINCECE NOT FOUND" I tried multiple option but still facing the issue . can you please help me here . I ahev referef Denodo7.0 instlltaion and performed the same but still issue . Regards, Ganesh Taware
18-06-2018 06:45:33 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The error 'Remote license not found' happens when server cannot connect to the License Manager or number of servers used for the particular environment exceeds the maximum allowed by the license. I would make sure * The license Manager in Denodo Solution Manager is running and accessible on the port 10091. * The Denodo server is assigned to the correct environment in the Solution Manager. * If there are too many servers for one environment than specified in the license, disable one of the previous servers to use the new server. For more details, you can refer to [How Licenses Work]( of Solution Manager Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-06-2018 06:51:43 -0400
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