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Parallel Clean cache and Data refresh Jobs

Hi Team, Need your help here to understand the Denodo behaviour. I have one job for data load\refresh for every 30 min from 9AM to 5 PM on daily. same way I have one Clean Cache Job to delete the invalidated data from cache. it runs twice a day at 9 am and 1 PM. so my question is. my data load job and clean cache job run parallely at 9 am and 1 PM daily. Just I want to know, how denodo works in this senario. first it loads the data , after it clean the data or first clean the data and after load the data? how denodo can work in this senario, Plesae help me out here. Thank you.
16-08-2018 14:13:32 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If two jobs “A” and “B” are being scheduled at the same time, sometimes “B” could start before “A”, and other times “A” could start before “B”. In this scenario, I would create dependencies between the two jobs. Suppose you wish to have job “A” execute only after an execution of job “B”, you can define a trigger on job “A” that depends on job “B”. In this way, job “A” will be in WAITING state during the scheduled time of execution until job “B” finishes its execution. By default, a trigger will not execute the job unless the jobs it depends on have successfully finished their execution. You can create dependencies under the Triggers section of the job. You can refer to the [Dependencies Among Jobs]( section of the Scheduler Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-08-2018 03:38:10 -0400
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