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How to configure Denodo Expess Server with Power BI Services by using gateway

Hi, I have Denodo Express Server installed on one Azure Virtual Server. I managed to configure Denodo Power BI Custom Connector on the same virtual server. Power BI Desktop works fine, but I am not able to read data on reports I´ve published into Power BI on the Web. I´ve also installed On-premises data gateway on the virtual server. How to make reports with data available in Power BI on the Web?
27-08-2018 10:01:45 -0400

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Hi, You could establish connection to Denodo from Power BI Desktop using Denodo Power BI Custom Connector. The connection from Power BI Cloud is not officially supported due to the current unavailability of Custom Connector support in On-Premises Data Gateway which is to be introduced by Microsoft. This feature will be included in the future releases of Denodo Platform once it is available. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-08-2018 03:03:53 -0400
Thanks! Let´s wait for the future releases.
30-08-2018 06:34:54 -0400
Hello, Does this mean that the Denodo will provide two components? 1. A custom PowerBI connector for PowerBI Cloud (which is not the same as the desktop version) 2. A custom data connector for the on-premise data gateway (
21-09-2018 05:07:28 -0400
Hi, The Denodo Power BI Custom Connector now supports using the on-premises data gateway. This is a single custom connector and to enable and use this capability you have to install the August 2018 version of the On-premises data gateway or a later version. You can refer to the Using the On-premises data gateway section of the [Denodo Power BI Custom Connector User Manual]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-01-2019 22:19:34 -0500
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