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Cannot start Denodo Express Platform

Hi, I installed Denodo Express Platform 7.0 on my Windows computer, and performed the exercise for the trainning. After 1 month of not opening the Denodo Platform, when I try to open now nothing happens. I've searched for similar issues but from what I can gather the *denodo_platform.exe* file doesn't exist on my *$DENODO_HOME/bin* directory, only the *denodo_platform.bat*. I don't want to lose the exercises I did from the trainning. Can anyone help me? Best Regards, Mariana Pinto
04-09-2018 07:06:10 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I’d try starting the platform by double-clicking the *denodo_platform.bat* file, as that is also a valid way of starting the Denodo Control Centre. If that does not work, you can also try from the command line, which may give you some feedback as to why the platform isn’t starting. To do this, open the “Command Prompt” tool in Windows, and enter the following, replacing <DENODO_HOME> with your Denodo installation location: > cd <DENODO_HOME>\bin > denodo_platform.bat If this still does not give you any feedback, I’d take a look at the vdp.log file at <DENODO_HOME>\logs\vdp\vdp.log I hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-09-2018 04:44:36 -0400
Hi, I've tested the 2 options: * the first, open and closed a window so clickly that I cannot confirm that is command prompt, and did nothing. * the second, didn't write anything on the command line: D:\Denodo\bin>denodo_platform.bat D:\Denodo\bin> I've checked the log you refered but there is nothing of today, the last entry is of Agust 1st. If you need more information, please let me know. Best Regards, Mariana Pinto
05-09-2018 04:59:10 -0400
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