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Installing and Running Denodo Express on Mac OS High Sierra

I have installed the VDP on Mac OS follwoing the below steps, however I am not sure which .sh scripts should i run to invoke the VDP client tool? following are done 1. Installing Java SDK 2. Exporting path to .bash_profile 3. Installing VDP Admin Tool Pending Cant invoke the VDP admin tool. Need help and step by step guidance. Thanks, Sudarshan Kannan
11-09-2018 17:19:45 -0400

1 Answer

Hi Sudarshan, This might be an X11 server display issue if you cannot get the platform manager UI. Otherwise it's likely a RMI host address problem. ### **X11:** * Install the latest XQuartz X11 server and run it * Activate the option ‘Allow connections from network clients’ in XQuartz settings * Quit & restart XQuartz (to activate the setting) * $xhost + You can find additional information here ### **RMI** As Docker install is like having the Virtual DataPort Server and the Administration Tool or other clients are installed in different machines, you may need to change the interface that the Server listens, to your physical machine IP. To change this, open the Denodo Control Center, open the Configuration dialog and change the RMI Host of the JVM Options. See more details in the section Denodo Platform Configuration of the Installation Guide **Omitting this configuration will result in a failure to get access to the Virtual DataPort Server with the Denodo JDBC Client.** If you are interested, I can share with you a github project that runs Denodo in Docker for Mac OS and Windows if you want. Regards, Vincent Fages Vincent
Denodo Team
12-09-2018 03:49:10 -0400
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