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Installation problems Denodo express on Windows 10

Hi Denodo, I've downloaded Denodo Express (denodo-express-install-70-win64 ) from your side. However, I'm running in some trouble when I go through the installation procedure. All go's fine until the last part of the installation ~ 98% of the last step. A "xcopy" error appears and it starts to produce more error messages al "file not found" kind of errors. My colleague installed the same download on a similar laptop (same environment path configured) and it's working fine for him. When I compare the files on my laptop with his, he has a lot more. I've tried the obvious things: * Delete the installation file and download it again * Tried the 32 bit version * Tried a different unzip program (winrar instead of windows) * After all attempts uninstalled the software and manually cleaned up the remaining files / folders Do you have any suggestions? Regards, Vincent
02-10-2018 07:09:10 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, From the attempts you have made, it seems the problem could be the Windows environment of your laptop. In this scenario, I would try the following: * Open up a command prompt and enter ‘xcopy’ command * Check if you get any error such as: `"xcopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"` * Ensure that “C:\Windows\system32” path is included in your PATH environment variable if you received the above error * Ensure that the installation path that you wish to install the Denodo Express on does not contain spaces * Run the Denodo Platform Installer in debug mode to troubleshoot the issues you are receiving. You may refer to the [Preinstallation Tasks](, [Troubleshooting the Denodo Platform Installer]( and [Using the Graphical Installation Wizard]( section of the Denodo Platform Installation Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-10-2018 22:56:53 -0400
Hi Denodo Team, Thanks for the quick resopnse. I managed to install Denodo Express thanks to your tips. Regards, Vincent
03-10-2018 05:58:42 -0400
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