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unable to create VDPCache job in scheduler

Hello, I'm trying to create a VDPCache Extract job from scheduler in Denodo 7.0. I'm able to create a Datasource sucessfully, when I try to create a VDPCache job, I'm selecting a baseview from dropdown sucessfully and when I try to save the job it throws View not found error(its doesn't look like connection problem). When I was enabling cache to the view from VDP Admin tool that I'm trying in the scheduler, it gave a warning "The cache of the view has been activated, but the server cache is not active". Does it have anything to do with VDPCache job I having trouble to create, if not what would be the reason and please let me know how can I resolve this.
07-11-2018 16:12:37 -0500

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Hi! As far as the second error, “The cache of the view has been activated, but the server cache is not active” this is due to you trying to enable the cache at the view level but not having it enabled at the server level. If you enable the cache at the server level, you should be able to do so at the database or view level and not get this error. Info on configuring the cache at the server level can be found here: [**Configuring the Cache**]( In regards to the first error, first make sure the cache is enabled at the server and view level, and then try creating the VDPCache job again. Also perhaps try another VDBCache job with a different view and see if that works. The only way I could replicate the error you are seeing is if the Denodo Scheduler and VDP Administration Tool were out of sync (in the case where the view was deleted before saving the VDPCache job.) Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-11-2018 13:29:47 -0500
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