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Required Parms in Power BI Denodo Custom Connector

I am trying to use the Denodo Custom Connector in Power BI but I keep getting errors when the interface I want to use has a required parameter. How can I get around this problem? (there is a similar issue with ODBC and I'm hoping the answer isn't to write a SQL query for the connection as that isn't particularly user friendly)
16-11-2018 11:00:01 -0500

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Hi, when I had the same problem once, I made my input parameter optional, so I could load it into Power BI. Once I had it there, I could filter the view within Power BI through setting a value for the input parameter. Afterwards I changed my input parameter in the Virtual DataPort back to mandatory and everything worked fine. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-11-2018 04:46:17 -0500
Unfortunately, this is not an acceptable work-around. The parms are required on the view because without them the return set is much larger than would be useable and we certainly wouldn't want that much data being loaded into Power BI. Given the frequent use of of the interface, turning the required fields on/off would not be possible in a production environment.
21-11-2018 14:38:42 -0500
Hi, There is one way where you don't even have to switch the required fields to optional. For this, you have to use the PowerQuery advanced editor and simply provide a value for the required field(s) by using Power BI code in the Advanced Editor. When loading the view, you will see an error message in the preview window saying "No search methods ready to be run", which you can ignore, because you will provide the input for the required parameters through editing the code in the Advanced Editor afterwards. However, I needed some basic understanding for coding in Power BI to edit it to my needs. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-11-2018 03:48:21 -0500
Hi, I have the same problem as the user above. Could you provide an example of how I add the parameters to the Advanced Editor statements? Mine looks like that (German locale): let Quelle = Denodo.Contents("DenodoODBCa", null), shopfloor_Database = Quelle{[Name="shopfloor",Kind="Database"]}[Data], shopfloor_Schema = shopfloor_Database{[Name="shopfloor",Kind="Schema"]}[Data], my_data_View = shopfloor_Schema{[Name="my_data",Kind="View"]}[Data] in my_data_View
28-05-2019 01:47:13 -0400
Hi, The key is to filter the data by specifying a value for the parameter, it is the same as specifying a where clause and setting a certain value for the desired parameter. You can do this by using the table function [Table.SelectRows]( in Power Query. Please refer to the linked Microsoft documentation. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-05-2019 11:15:14 -0400
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