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Diagnostics information retrieval via REST API

Is it possible to create a REST API to extract the diagnostic inforation that Denodo stores. For example, is there a REST API available to capture the VQL that a user submits. In addition, can that information be POSTED to a REST API when it gets captured by Denodo ? So instead of polling for what requests made by users, it would be better for an event to kick off that publishes the request information. Thanks in advance.
25-11-2018 21:28:52 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, There is a tool called Diagnostics & Monitoring Tool, where you can see information regarding the executed statements, user sessions, memory usage etc. by providing logfiles managed by the Denodo Monitor. I recommend you to check the [Diagnostics & Monitoring Tool Guide]( for detailled information. However, if you you want to publish the executed queries in a REST web service, you could access the vdp-queries.log directly, which is written by the [Denodo Monitor](, by creating a Delimited File data source and a base view over that file and then publish it as a REST web service. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-11-2018 04:19:01 -0500
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