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No Name in query execution plan

Hi Team, Thanks for your support. I have a dervied view which was comming like this. one base view "A" and another base view "B" i am joining these two on some column and final derived view "C" when I go for excution plan I am seeing "no name" as like below excution plans Name<unnamed private wrapper> I am not sure why I am not seeing view name. Please let me know if this make anything wrong in our join or somewhere? Thnaks for your support. Thanks, Saidi.
05-10-2017 11:55:05 -0400

5 Answers

Hi, I followed the below steps to create a derived view and I could see the view name in execution plan: 1. Ensure to have all necessary privileges for the views used to create the corresponding derived view. 2. Then, I created a derived view by joining two base views on matching columns. 3. I could then see the view names in the ‘Execution Plan’ tab of the view. To know more information, you can refer to the “[Creating Join Views](” and “[Editing the Execution Plan](” sections of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-10-2017 08:47:46 -0400
Thanks for your answer, but I have admin access on VDP. if i have 1 join layer or 2 join layer lavel we are good. if you have few layers, I am seeing this issues. suppose assume. A inner join with B -> result set would be "C", now C was making as a aggregaed data as 'D' and innerjoin with E -> F. so our final derived view is "F" right here. when I am trying to see the F query excution paln ... F->Name<unnamed private wrapper>->Name<unnamed private wrapper>>Name<unnamed private wrapper>(DB level).. but I am getting the expected datea from "F", but when I go query excution plan I am seeing the like this. I am not sure,I am making anything wrong here ? or privileges issues?
10-10-2017 14:36:36 -0400
Hi, The name “unnamed private wrapper” displayed in the query execution plan could be because the methods returning the wrapper name are private. If you are using a custom wrapper, verify if those methods are not set to private and try again. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-10-2017 02:26:10 -0400
Thanks for your support, I cound not find any Custom Wrapper option in the VDP. Could you please guide me once where we could find this option. Thanks, Saidi.
20-10-2017 13:39:45 -0400
Hi, In Virtual DataPort Administration tool, the Custom Wrappers are used to create a Custom Data Source which provides access to the sources that are not listed in the standard connectors. Virtual DataPort provides an API to develop Custom Wrapper. While creating a Custom Wrapper in Java, there could be a method that returns a wrapper name that might be set as private. If you execute a view that is built upon using this custom wrapper, then the name of the wrapper in the query execution plan may not be displayed. You can verify whether the methods that returns the wrapper name are set as public and try again. For more information, you can refer to [Custom Data Sources]( and [CUSTOM Wrappers]( sections of Virtual DataPort VQL guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-10-2017 09:09:36 -0400
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