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Web service deployment

Hi There, We are migrating our Denodo production evnrionment to a new server (AWS). To migrate we are exporting of our database and importing ittoto the newly configuredad installed Denodo server.Dowe need to redeployour webservices after importing the database ?
07-10-2017 10:04:52 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The web services deployed in a Virtual DataPort Server remains deployed when you export the VQL of the Virtual Database and import the VQL into another Virtual DataPort Server. Deployment is performed by the following sentence that is exported in the VQL, UNDEPLOY IF EXISTS WEBSERVICE <WEBSERVICE_NAME>; DEPLOY WEBSERVICE <WEBSERVICE_NAME>; I would check the status of the Web services in Virtual DataPort Administration Tool > Tools > Web services container when I export the VQL of a virtual database from one Virtual DataPort Server and import the same into another Virtual DataPort Server. To know more about deploying Web services, you could refer the [Deploying and Exporting SOAP and REST Web Services]( section of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
09-10-2017 06:16:43 -0400
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