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Cannot Connect to training Oracle database

I am following along the developer basic traing. But got stuck while connecting to oracle data-server. The error i'm getting is: > Unable to establish connection: IOError: The network adapter could not establish connection. The database URI: > jdbc:oracle:thin:@data-server:1521:xe
15-10-2017 01:48:59 -0400

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Hi, The Database URI, "jdbc:oracle:thin:@data-server:1521:xe" is a reference to connect to Oracle data source in data-server host. I would recommend you to follow the instructions for using the Database URI in specific training modules. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
16-10-2017 09:23:26 -0400
Yeah. I was trying while watching the video. Found the steps in the following document.
18-10-2017 02:50:27 -0400
Team, Still there's no solution provided for this question. I'm able to connect to my dedicated Oracle database. But for the training purpose(On-demand course) there they requested to create the ds_web_orders database using the credentials mentioned above. The question is about that. Please assist.
22-12-2017 10:07:31 -0500
Hi, In order to create **ds_web_orders** Data source in Virtual DataPort Administration Tool, I would recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the training module. To know more about creating a JDBC Datasource, you could refer the [JDBC Sources]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
26-12-2017 07:07:19 -0500
Hi! Im kind of lost too. Im trying to connect but i can't! It says the same message: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection In the documenting It says that denodo orace11g drivers are suported so i think i don't have to do any download of oracle drivers. I dont have Oracle install in my local machine it is necessary? In the LAB it only says reference the DB server version, DB name, port, user and password it doesn't say nothing about the host?!. In the expected result we see data-server as the host. I dont know much about connections but shouldn't it connect to a cloud oracle server witch had the sample tables that we need? What am i missing? Can you help me please! Thanks!
19-03-2018 19:56:32 -0400
Ok i realize that the first presentation (DEN60EDU0104) simply tell us that we have to do the LABs. The next presentations tell us how. I was tring to do the LABs without knowing how! I think you should remove those slides in the first Presentation because it misleads.
20-03-2018 06:48:37 -0400
Having the same issue connecting to Oracle 11g for the lab. This training is very confusing and poorly constructed.
04-05-2019 18:47:10 -0400
I had the same issue with Oracle running on the Virtual Machine provided by Denodo for the Lab exercises, and solved it in the following manner: * Make sure you followed the steps in the "Denodo Training Quickstart Virtual Machine - user manual" * Login to the virtual machine * Check the ip address of the virtual machine by entering the statement "ip addr". In my case it was . Denodo has configured it to be, but somehow that didn't work and the ip was given to the machine * Go to the "Host Network Manager" of VirtualBox and enter the following settings: * IP: (this has to be the same IP as the IP in the Virtual machine, but ending with 1) * DHCP: (same IP as above, but now ending with 2) * Lowest address: (same IP as above, but now ending with 3) * Highest address: (same IP as above, but now ending with 254) * Stop and start the virtual machine * You are now able to reach Oracle by using jdbc:oracle:thin:@
08-05-2019 07:45:18 -0400
Hi, The error would have occured when you are trying to access the Oracle database with the wrong URI or if the server which is used to access the database is not active. Ensure that you have access to the Oracle database and the credentials are correct. Starting from Denodo 7.0, for all the training courses our recommendation is to use the Virtual Machine for doing the labs as the data sources needed are already available in the Virtual Machine. You just need to download and configure the Virtual Machine and once it is running you will be able to do all the labs. Besides that, if you do not want to use the Virtual Machine then you also have an option to download all the files from the training course and do the labs. For more information on VM configuration, you could have a look at the Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine - User Manual which is available in the downloaded VM folder and you could refer the module **Configuration Tasks** of the on-demand course which will give you more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-05-2019 07:50:43 -0400
I'm finding myself unable to reach http://data-server/files/excel/. DB is set up, but the route given in the course is not giving any answer, also tried to find the files folder or excel folder in the VM and it did not show a result.
06-04-2020 15:32:24 -0400
Hi, I was able to successfully download the files from the http://data-server/files/excel/. When accessing this data server URI I was prompted for authentication and based on the information given in the lab module I provided username (excel) and password as (excel). I recommend you to refer the instructions given in the lab module "DEN70EDUD1103LAB01 - Create an Excel data source" Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-04-2020 05:29:06 -0400
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