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JDBC connection error - DriverManager.getConnection

we are unable to establish connection using Denodo JDBC Connection through WebMethods. Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(URL, USER, PASS); **connection error:** unrecognized method hash: method not supported by remote object However, the calling the connect method through custome code seem to be working. VDBJDBCConnection vbConn = (VDBJDBCConnection) connect(info); Could you please help us identify the issues, what is the different and what is the connction failing with error.
06-11-2017 13:53:19 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, The error 'unrecognized method hash' could occur when the versions of Denodo Platform installed in the Server machine and the Client machine are different. It could also occur when the version of JDBC driver used in the client to connect the Virtual DataPort server is different from the version of JDBC driver used on the server. I would verify if the JDBC drivers used and also the Denodo Platform versions in client and server machine are same and then try again. You can also refer to the following knowledge base article "[unrecognized method hash](" to know more about this exception. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-11-2017 07:28:17 -0500
@Denodo Team - We have used the driver from latest denod upgrade. Could you please let us know, if there any other reason for the above error.
08-11-2017 18:23:51 -0500
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