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Exasol as Cache DB

I try to config Exasol as Cache DB. After I config the Connection Parameter and the cacheConfig-generic.xml I load a table in the cache. After a while I get this Message: Finished with error: Error executing query. Total time 1800.005 seconds. ZT_TABLE01 [BASE] [ERROR] Database does not support block update ZT_TABLE01 [JDBC WRAPPER] [PROCESSING] ZT_TABLE01#0 [JDBC ROUTE] [PROCESSING] So how can I deactivate Block update? It is possible to use Exasol as cache db?
08-11-2017 10:39:40 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The error "Database does not support block update" occurs when the underlying cache database does not support batch insert or update. In Virtual DataPort, when a view is cached, the rows of the view are inserted in batches based on the** Batch Insert Size** provided in the cache configuration. This batch insert may not be supported by Exasol database. Since batch insert facilitates better performance, I would use the database which supports batch insert or update for caching in Virtual DataPort. You could refer [Bulk Data Load]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps !!
Denodo Team
09-11-2017 06:35:47 -0500
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