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Restful API: Aggregation function with $grouby not working

I am trying to consume Rest API from denodo and finding some issues. View has multiple fields like userid, username, managerid, amount. When I am calling service like this /servicepath/view/viewname?managerid=xxxx&$select=userid,username,managerid,SUM%28amount%29&$groupby=userid,username,managerid Service respnse is coming as SUM(amount) is not grouby field, whereas I want to get the sum of amount field. This view works perfect if I remove sum from select like this, but it give me only distict userid, username and magerid /servicepath/view/viewname?managerid=xxxx&$select=userid,username,managerid&$groupby=userid,username,managerid I am looking to dynamic aggreation functions as SUM, COUNT etc for each group by logic.
06-12-2017 16:12:15 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In Denodo Platform, at this moment adding aggregation function in Rest API is not supported but they would be included in the future releases of Denodo Platform. For more information you could refer the similar Community question [Aggregate operation on Rest web service]( Hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
07-12-2017 07:35:43 -0500
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