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Aggregate operation on Rest web service

Hi, Does Denodo allow passing aggregates operations over an API? I have a REST API and the user needs to select only 3 columns from that API, group by 2 columns and calculate aggregate(sum operation) over the third column. I am able to select three column and group by all three of them but I can't select 3 columns group 2 and compute SUM for the third column. Here an example: This is working <URL>&$groupby=col1,col2,col3&$select=col1,col2,col3&$format=JSON This isn't working <URL>&$groupby=col1,col2,col3&$select=col1,col2,sum=col3&$format=JSON
06-12-2017 23:36:30 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, At the moment, Denodo Platform does not provide support for using aggregation function in the $select clause of the REST Web service URI. As an alternative, I would create a derived view by applying the necessary aggregation function and then, directly consume the newly created derived view using the Denodo RESTful Web service, which provides access to the views created in the Virtual DataPort server. Below is the URI syntax to access the view: * http://<Host>:<Port>/denodo-restfulws/<Database_Name>/views/<View_Name> Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
07-12-2017 06:50:23 -0500
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