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How to track a user who post to a web service

Hi Team, After publishing a view to a web service, if a user post some data to the view, is that possible to track? Like username (Who posts to the view and session id) by adding extra columns to the view? This is our new requirement from our clinet so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Manju
14-05-2020 07:06:11 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo Platform comes with an inbuilt application called Denodo Monitor which can be used to track the user and session details of the requests coming to Virtual DataPort Server. To use this monitoring tool, you need to launch Denodo Monitor and then check the log file [vdp-queries.log]( file to check the username and session id of the request. Refer the documentation on [Configuring the Denodo Monitor]( and [How to Launch Denodo Monitor]( For the details on the log file and it’s columns refer to this [Knowledge Base Article on Log Column Details]( Alternatively, you can also view the logs graphically by using Denodo’s Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool. For launching Monitoring and Diagnostic Tool refer to this [User Manual]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-05-2020 07:41:48 -0400
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