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DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources) for base view

Hi, I need to create base view from query and my query it´s DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources). How do I do this? I create base view with this information in text mode: DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb1.ds_source1 DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb2.ds_source2 DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb3.ds_source3 DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb4.ds_source4 But i don´t know how i transform this field in base view in a execution command? I create something similar: 1. Create a baseview bv_teste from query. 2. The query is @command. 3. The interppolation varible is Select * from bv_baseview But the result it´s: SELECT * FROM bv_teste WHERE command <?> <?> CONTEXT ('i18n'='us_pst', 'cache_wait_for_load'='true') I want this result: Select * from bv_baseview Any ideia to do that? Thanks
22-05-2020 09:20:03 -0400

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Hi, To create a base view from the query “DESC Datasource JDBC <JDBC datasource>”, I would create a JDBC datasource with one of the Denodo Virtual DataPort adapters and create a base view from query with database name and data source name as interpolation variables. For example: **DESC DATASOURCE JDBC @inp1.@inp2** Where inp1 is database name and inp2 is data source name. Note that while creating the view, you will be prompted to provide values to inp1 and inp2, you can provide any possible value. It’s just required for view creation. After the view creation these input values are provided at execution time to get the results. Once the base view is created, I would follow the below steps: * Open the base view * Go to Options -> Search Methods -> wrapper source configuration * Set “Delegate SQL sentence as Sub Query” to No This would send the query as it is to the datasource instead of sending as a subquery. You can also refer to a similar [Q&A]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-05-2020 06:35:30 -0400
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