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Can Denodo connect to Azure SSAS?

Can Denodo connect to Azure SSAS? If yes, Do we have in-built drivers for the same or need any external drivers? Is there any documentation on steps to connect Denodo to Azure SSAS?
08-06-2020 12:21:44 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In order to connect to Azure SSAS (Azure Analysis Services), I would create a Multidimensional DB data source in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool and choose the Database adapter as Azure Analysis Service. Then, I will provide the necessary configuration details and connect to the data source. You could take a look at [Multidimensional Database Sources]( section under the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide which explains about the configuration parameters required for Azure Analysis Services. Also, **note** that in case you are using DENODO EXPRESS 7.0, then there may be few limitations in terms of creating Multidimensional DB data sources as stated in the document [Limitations of the Denodo Express License]( under the Denodo Platform Installation Guide. Hence, to create this data source, I would use the full version of Denodo Platform 7.0 with the latest update. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-06-2020 08:07:57 -0400
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