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How to consume Denodo RESTAPI (based on HANA view with input parameter) inPowerBI

Hello Colleagues, I have a requirement where I am having a Denodo base view which is built on SAP HANA view having input parameter. I have generated RESTFUL API from Denodo and when i run it, it says we need to in put as follow: ************** There was an error while generating this response: Code #31001 - No search methods ready to be run. The following fields are obligatory: bukrs1, bukrs1, uom1, uom1 ************ RESTAPI link doesnt have these parameter in it. 1.I want to know how to pass parameter in the link? 2.I created web service based connection in PowerBI and created input parameters in PowerBI, I am getting error: Details: "Web.Contents failed to get contents from ''BE01'L15' (404): Not Found" Can anybody suggest how to deal with input parameters in this case. Regards, Vijay
12-06-2020 10:06:10 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to reporoduce your scenario by configuring some of the fields to be obligatory (OBL) in the *Search methods* tab of a view and accessing it via the RESTful Web Service. When some of the fields are chosen as obligatory (OBL), you need pass the value in the RESTful URL of the view. For example, if you have configured several obligatory fields named testfield1, testfield2, testfield3 then the RESTful URL to access the view should be like, `http://<host>:<port>/denodo-restfulws/<database_name>/views/<view_name>?testfield1=<value>&testfield2=<value>&testfield3=<value>` For more information, you can refer to the documents below from the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide, 1. [Input Parameters of the RESTful Web Service]( 2. [RESTful Web Service]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-06-2020 06:59:47 -0400
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