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Resolution of Admin Tool

Hi, I just started using the test drive on AWS. When I logged on the tool using RDP, the resolution of the Admin tool is so tiny that I am not able to see anything at all. The web pages are coming fine, but the admin tool is not visible and I am not able to change the resolution of the admin tool as well. Need your help to fix this, so I can try the tool. Even when I downloaded the express edition, I faced the same issue. The resolution is not adjusting and I am not able to view anything in the tool. So I had to uninstall it. Need your help so that I can give it a try. Regards, Siddharth
15-06-2020 00:34:59 -0400

4 Answers

Hi Siddharth There is an existing article explaining how to launch Denodo applications e.g. VDP Admin, Control Centre etc, on high DPI displays such as yours. You can find the article [here]( Hope this helps! Regards
Denodo Team
15-06-2020 06:24:57 -0400
I tried the steps. I tried to disable ths scaling behavior, and there is nothing where I can select to have System scale it. And this did not work. I tried alternate method too to edit registry, but its not allowing me to edit the registry as well, in the EC2 VM on which I am logging. Can you pls help to fix this ? Regards, Siddharth
15-06-2020 09:48:01 -0400
I am disappointed to say that the level of support here is very poor. I am evaluating a tool, and there's no one who is helping out to support an issue to totally stops usability of the tool. If we choose to procure license of this tool, what kind of support can we expect here. I am facing this issue in test drive exercise in the VM where there is ready installation of this admin tool. And same issue comes even when I install express. I had to abandon this tool due to usability issue on my desktop. Stll I thought of giving it a second try on the test drive exercise, and the kind of support I am getting here is very slow and very poor.
15-06-2020 12:58:30 -0400
Hi, You can contact or fill out this contact form if you are evaluating the Denodo Platform and you have any question about the evaluation of the tool. Regarding the resoulution issue reported, I did a test with my local Denodo Express Installation and I was able to perform the different steps mentioned in the above link [Launching the Denodo Standalone Applications in High DPI Displays]( provided in the previous answer. Also, I'd like to comment here that Denodo Community Answers is a question and answer site for Data Virtualization professionals and enthusiasts. When users have questions about how to use Denodo, they can search for previous questions asked by other users in the past, or create new questions, asking the Denodo Community so any savvy users could help them out. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-06-2020 08:48:23 -0400
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