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Can i create dataType of table?

I can see denodo provides following dataTypes blob | boolean | date | decimal | double | float | int | long | text | xml ,, I have a stored procedure, but I am unable to create base view of that, I am getting error "unsupported type sampleData for database denodo: SQLSERVER stored procedure". This is because I have 2 fields in stored procedure INT and TABLE type. Can i create datatType of "table" or is there a way to create base view for these stored procedure?
16-06-2020 03:23:18 -0400

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Hi, I am assuming you are trying to import a user defined type. If that is the case, Virtual DataPort does support table types when they are used as the return value of a SQL Server table-valued function, as a possible workaround in some scenarios. Please note that there is a registered enhancement for directly supporting compound User-Defined types in SQL Server. If you are a Denodo Customer, you can open a ‘Request’ type case if you wish to track its progress. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-06-2020 11:59:57 -0400
Hi denodp team, Can you please ellaborate what is the way to create base view for stored procedure which accepts TYPE table??
19-06-2020 02:35:23 -0400
Hi, A table-valued function is a user-defined function that returns data of a table type which is supported by the Virtual DataPort. A workaround to create and execute these functions is as follows: 1. When creating a Base View, select Create from Query option. You can follow the steps on [Creating Base Views from SQL Queries]( document to create your base view from stored procedure. 2. Write the SQL Server query and replace the input parameters with interpolation variables like @VARIABLE. 3. If you need to modify the query used for introspection you can click on the Source Refresh button. 4. Refer to [Creating views on SQL Server Functions and Stored Procedures]( knowledge base article for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-06-2020 16:49:40 -0400
Yes, I am upto there, Now what value I need to pass for @VARIABLE as it is not accepting string..
30-06-2020 05:46:39 -0400
Hi, I followed the same steps and was able to pass string values to @VARIABLE. There is probably something wrong syntactically. As an example, for the stored procedure *call sp('example')*, when you want to parametrize it, it should be *call sp('@variable')* rather than *call sp(@variable).* I suggest you to check your query again and make sure it is syntactically correct. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-07-2020 17:49:31 -0400
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