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Denodo Rest Service execution issues

We have created some views which access data from an API. These views are interdependent. Data from one view (token) acts as an input to make an API call from the second view. All this is working when we are accessing these views as dervied view and returns data. When we created a Denodo REST web service on this derived view at execution time Denodo is prompting to enter the value of the input for the 2nd view (token). These views are joined on the view 1 output and view 2 input. View 2 input is a parameter (interpolation variable). Can someone explain the reason as to why the dervied view works but the service built on the view does not. Thanks.
14-12-2017 14:28:54 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, When I joined a view which takes input from another view and then published it as web service, I was able to browse the web service without providing any input parameter. It took the input from the second view and provided me with results. I would check if the web service is built over the finally constructed derived view. If the web service is built on top of the view which requires an input to run, then it would look for that input when it runs as a web service as well. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-12-2017 04:48:54 -0500
Thanks for your quick response. One of our views was returning an array and we needed to flatten the result set before we could create a web service. Once we changed it the service started working and returning results. You may want to include this in the Denodo manual to help others if they happen to run into the same issue. Thanks.
18-12-2017 07:50:32 -0500
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