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Join type mismatch

We have an issue with database tables having different primary key types (numeric / character). There is a performance hit on the database side when these occur. is there any way for denodo to help identify when a type mismatch occurs when creating or running views created against these tables? Thanks!
20-01-2018 16:30:58 -0500

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Hi: There is a built-in Stored Procedure called [GET_VIEW_COLUMNS]( what will let you filter by which columns are primary keys and compare their VDP and underlying SQL data types. A query such as the one below will give you a list to start with, and you can of course add WHERE conditions or an ORDER BY clause as needed to help identify which columns are not matched up correctly. `select * from get_view_columns() where column_is_primary_key is true` Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-01-2018 13:37:24 -0500
That doesn't help me. That shows the primary columns of a view I'm looking for the column types between a join condition. Ex: tab1 inner join tab2 on (col1=col2). I want to identify the types of col1 and col2 of this specific join. It appears I can find view columns and view dependencies at a view level but I can't figure out at a column join level. Thanks!
22-01-2018 17:25:33 -0500
Hi again, Sorry for the misunderstanding. When you are [creating or editing a Join View]( in the VDP Administration Tool, you should be able to see the data types of all the component view columns right on the *Model* tab. I would use the [Request Monitoring]( in the Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool to identify which queries are seeing the performance hit to determine which Derived View Models need to be inspected to validate data type matching (or other performance issues). The user interface of the Administration Tool is your best tool for this, as the joins are defined in the VQL CREATE VIEW statement and not in a columnar format you can query. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-01-2018 17:07:59 -0500
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