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OData service: "page not found" - How to find the root cause?

Hi, I have a Denodo view that should be accessed via the OData 4.0 service. The OData query works fine with result limited to 999 records. The duration is about 6 seconds. With the limit set to 1000 records, the request takes about 1 minute and only returns the Denodo "Page not found" error page. A timeout? The problematic URL is: https://<server>/denodo-odata4-service-6.0/denodo- odata.svc/sandbox_mb/c_crm_dealer_full?$top=1000 $top=999 is OK, the size of the 999 records is about 1.3 MB I think this problem is related with the OData service: The same view queried via a REST API delivers even bigger results. The log files of VDP and Tomcat do not contain useful information to me like stacktraces. What are the steps to identify the root cause of this problem? Thank you for any suggestions.
22-01-2018 09:50:06 -0500

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Hi When I tried to access to view which was having more than 1000 records via the OData 4.0 service, it was working fine for me without any issues. If you are receiving the Page not found error then it appears that the web container is operational but the actual services are not being deployed correctly. You can try restarting the Denodo and OData services, then access the view again with the URL which throws "Page not found" error. Alternatively, I would also suggest you to find the query sent to the source by enabling request logs at debug level by running the below command in the VQL shell: CALL LOGCONTROLLER(‘com.denodo.vdp.requests’, ‘DEBUG’) Once enabled, you can access the OData service and find the query sent to the Virtual DataPort in <DENODO_HOME>/logs/vdp-requests.log file. You can run this query in VQL shell and examine the trace to understand better on the cause of "Page not found" error. I hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
24-01-2018 05:29:22 -0500
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