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Custom Function Class Name

We need to built Custom function to get AWS Authorization Request Header . Before implementing custom function thought of check how the custom function need to be configured in denodo I have created Jar file out of . I was able to create in the JAR management as well . My question is , what should be the class name for this function (during the creation of data source and custom option) Java Code package com.denodo.vdp.demo.function.custom; import com.denodo.common.custom.annotations.CustomElement; import com.denodo.common.custom.annotations.CustomElementType; import com.denodo.common.custom.annotations.CustomExecutor; @CustomElement(type = CustomElementType.VDPFUNCTION, name = "CONCAT_SAMPLE") public class Concat_SampleVdpFunction { @CustomExecutor(syntax = "CONCAT_SAMPLE(String str_1, String str_2 ... String str_n): String") public String concat_sample(String... input) { StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder(); if (input != null) { for (String str : input) { if (str == null) { return null; } else { result.append(str); } } } else { return null; } return result.toString(); } }
04-03-2018 23:07:02 -0500

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Hi, The example you are using as reference is [creating custom functions with annotations](, so the name of the class is not relevant in this case. This is the way I strongly recommend to develop custom functions. However, you can as well [create custom functions using name conventions]( so here you should take into account the class name. As you can see in the previous link, in this case the name of the class should follow two rules: * **<FunctionName>VdpFunction** for condition functions * **<FunctionName>VdpAggregateFunction** for aggregation functions Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-03-2018 10:11:18 -0500
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