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Dockerized deployment?

It seems that there is no Denodo support for dockerized deployment, no mention of it in the documentation... is that the case?
06-03-2018 16:10:00 -0500

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Hi, Denodo Platform can be executed in a containerized deployment(i.e. Docker containers) and it has been tested internally and is used by other users and customers. You can find more questions of people that is using Denodo in dockerized deployments in the Community. Denodo provides Support Services for the product running on containerized deployments in the same way that it provides support for virtualized or cloud deployments. Nowadays, we don't distribute Denodo Platform as a Docker image, but you can build images following standard Docker procedures. In the ["Software requirements"]( section of the documentation you can see the different operating systems where you can run the Denodo Platform. As Linux is one of the supported operating systems, you can install Denodo on a Linux Container and it will work. If you are interested in running Denodo in a virtualized way, you can also deploy Denodo Platform in the cloud, using ["Denodo Platform for AWS"]( or ["Denodo Platform for Azure"]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-03-2018 10:08:53 -0500
Thank you Denodo Team! What is your licensing model for this deployment option? Can a dockerized instance be spun of the existing enterprise license (not sure how this is structured), or would it need its own license?
08-03-2018 00:55:07 -0500
Hi, You can read information about that in [this answer]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-03-2018 13:06:39 -0400
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