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How associations help to choose best execution plan?

Hi there, One of the benefits mentioned in the introduction slide from the Linked Data Associations course (DEN60EDU0134) , mentioned that associations are useful because '**They will be used to optimize queries to increase performance by generating better execution plans**'. The Denodo cookbook does not mention anything about associations helping to choose best execution plan, so I wonder if you can provide information about the benefits. The pros and cons of having associations to help Denodo choose the best execution plan and improve performance. Thanks. Ariel
07-03-2018 13:27:56 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, An [association]( represents a relationship between two views. If you have defined appropriate associations for a view, Denodo's Query optimizer engine will utilize the association and performs several optimizations in the queries. This would reduce execution times and avoids the movement of big amounts of data through the network. You can have a look at the section [Why Associations Are Useful?]( of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide which provides a full list of reasons for why defining the appropriate associations are important. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-03-2018 03:51:51 -0400
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