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Creating an XML output view using the existing base/derived Views

How to Create an XML output using derived view ? for example: I have 3 base view Party, Party Address, Party Related Party. I will need to create an XML output, which needs to be published as SOAP Service. the structure should as below. <PartyService> <Party> <PartyID> 1234 </Party> <PartyFirstName>Kiran</PartyFirstName> <PartyLastName>Kiran</PartyLastName> </Party> <PartyAddress> <PartyAddrID> A1 </PartyAddrID> <PartyAddressline>addressline1</PartyAddressline> <PartyStreet>street1</PartyStreet> </PartyAddress> <PartyAddress> <PartyAddrID> A2 </PartyAddrID> <PartyAddressline>addressline2</PartyAddressline> <PartyStreet>street2</PartyStreet> </PartyAddress> <PartyRelatedParty> <ParentPartyID>1234<ParentPartyID> <ChildPartyID>4321<ChildPartyID> </PartyRelatedParty> <PartyRelatedParty> <ParentPartyID>1234<ParentPartyID> <ChildPartyID>4567<ChildPartyID> </PartyRelatedParty> </PartyService>

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Hi, I would do the following steps in order to create an XML output using a derived view in Virtual DataPort Administration tool: * Create a join view over the base views and use “Group by” operation to aggregate the fields. * Use NEST and REGISTER functions to create arrays and registers respectively. * Once the view has the desired structure, publish this view as a SOAP Web service. You can have a look on the [NEST]( and [REGISTER]( section of Virtual DataPort VQL guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
01-09-2017 09:29:26 -0400
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