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Detailed test results with Denodo testing tool

How can we get a detailed test result with rows from both "Execution" and "Result" for rows which failed the test case. Right now we only get the number of row and the mismatch value, this result is difficult to decipher in cases where execution and Result both are "Queries".
03-12-2019 08:50:49 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, As you mentioned, Denodo Testing Tool currently displays the number of rows and the error for the first mismatched row of a test. However, there is an enhancement request in place to show detailed information about mismatched rows. Therefore, you could expect to see this feature in future Denodo Platform updates. Here is a similar Community Q&A topic that you may find useful: [Denodo Testing Tool to show result set in log file]( You can read the [Denodo Testing Tool User Manual]( to learn more about its capabilities. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-12-2019 19:07:25 -0500
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